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Pastor Jacob M. Rodríguez



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Product Description Her Story focuses in seven remarkable women in Old Testament Scripture- women whose struggles and concerns are no different than yours today. This inspiring book offers a behind-the-scenes look into the real lives of women such as Leah, Sarah and Ruth. This is more than history, it’s her-story of God’s relentless love and limitless power to change your life. PART ONE: LEAH: 1. Rivalries of Love; 2. Here Comes the Bribe; 3. Letting God complete You; PART TWO: GOMER: 4. When Love Broke the Rules; 5. Taking Second Chances; PART THREE: JOCHEBED: 6. Tearful Goodbyes; 7. Your Dreams Won’t Drown; 8. Cultivating Courage; PART FOUR: SARAH: 9. Unexpected Delays; 10. Panic Room; 11. Conquering your Insecurities; PART FIVE: RUTH: 12. Trail of Breadcrumbs; 13. Rethink your Relationships; 14. Comfortably Uncomfortable; 15 Harvesting your Purpose; 16. Mothering Spiritual Daughters; PART SIX: REBEKAH: 17. Beauty and the Beasts; 18. Avoiding Mr. Wrong; 19. Pressure Points; PART SEVEN: THE SERVANT GIRL: 20. Maid for More; 21. Unveiling your Hidden Power; 22. Living Beyond Yourself
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