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The Power of The Word

Christian Education



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Product Description Bishop José G. Zuñiga Secretary of Christian Education. The world of God is our treasure. When we speak about the Word of God, we are talking about the thousands of years in its formation, the meticulous care it took to copy in into manuscripts, As well as the printing presses that were used to print it. We are talking about the book that is read in Houses and preached in churches, parks, prison cells, and even in countries where Christians are persecuted for our Faith.

Lessons: 1.-The power of the Word; 2.-At the Universe and in your Heart; 3.-The Bible is God’s word; 4.-The Bible; 5.-Sow a habit and reap a character; 6.-Know an introduction to the Bible; 7.-God’s great book; 8.-God’s Word; 9.-Faith and God’ Word; 10.-Trust in His powerful word; 11.-Daily nurture with God’s Word; 12.-The story of Stories; 13.-The long Voyage.
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