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Adult Expositor - Acts to the Ends of the Earth

13 Lessons on the life of the church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit



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Product Description Acts to the Ends of the Earth”, has thirteen simple lessons that explain how the Primitive Apostolic Church was born with the great task that the resurrected Messiah gave to his disciples, bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God to the end of the earth. The success of the early church in its task is due to the guidance of the Holy Spirit at each new stage. The early believers learned, with difficulty, to hear the voice of God’s Spirit. They discovered that the Church would only fulfill its mission in the power of the Holy Spirit. Lesson: (1) To the ends of the Earth (2) A church built on the Rock (3) Miracles…and errors in the Church (4) Persecutions and spreading of the Gospel (5) Saul the persecutor, Paul the preacher (6) The ministry of Peter (7) The first missionary church (8) The first Apostolic Convention (9) The second missionary journey (10) The first conquest of Europe: Philippi (11) Athens: Religious town (12) Apostolic work in Ephesus (13) The last voyage of the apostle Paul
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