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Disciple your Disciple’s (52 Lessons for leaders)

Department of Christian Education



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Product Description Lessons: 1.- A generation to conquer giants, 2.- A conquering generation, principles, 3.- Pressure in leadership, 4.- Rebuild your walls, 5.- Rebuild your walls (II), 6.- An analysis of my attitude, 7.- The leader and his role at home, 8.- The leader and the role as a father at home, 9.- The leader that provides for his home, 10.- The leader as protector of the home, 11.- The leader as mentor of the home, 12.- The leader and his moral purity, 13.- A leader’s work responsibility, 14.- The Leader’s responsibility to God, 15.- The leader’s responsibility to his disciples, discipline, 16.- The leader’s responsibility to confront sin, 17.- Tithing in the life of the believer (I), 18.- Tithing in the life of the believer (II), 19.- Basic stewardship principles, 20.- The believer’s discipline of Spirituality, 21.- The virtues of word, 22.- The church of Antioch, 23.- Be content even in pain, 24.- We as disciples must go into water, 25.- God needs us to be faucets, 26.- The strength of a man carries the rest, 27.- God will finish the good work He started in you 28.- The contagious leader, 29.- The healthy leader, 30.- The leader and the technology, 31.- A leader of conquest, 32.- A leader must be friendly, 33.- The leader in resolving conflict, 34.- The worshipping leader, 35.- A leader with another Spirit, 36.- How to support group leaders, 37.- How to encourage small group leader, 38.- How to provide resources for small group leaders, 39.- How to validate/value small group leader, 40.- How to equip small group leaders, 41.- How to avoid small group leaders burnout, 42.- The profile of the leader-mentor (character development), 43.- An introduction to mentoring (I), 44.- An introduction to mentoring (II), 45.- Jesus as a mentor (spiritual formation), 46.- A leader’s Holiness standards (I) 47.- A leader’s Holiness standard (II), 48.- The leader and his growth, 49.- A servant spirit: The leader’s key, 50.- The life of the leader, 51.- Leadership: Serve appropriately, 52.- The five distinguishing marks, 53.- Restoring the spiritual formation of a children
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