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In the Temple and in Every House

52 Lessons for friendship groups



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Product Description Product description: Lessons: 1.-Believe that God is interested in you; 2.-Become a child; 3.-Leave aside the excuses; 4.-Affirm your house upon The Rock; 5.-Never believe a pharaoh; 6.-Die to live; 7.-Don’t trust yourself; 8.-The greatest Blessing; 9.-Christ loved the church; 10.-The assurance of being in Christ; 11.-Spiritual priesthood; 12.-A lamp in the darkness; 13.-Keeping Holiness; 14.-The faith given to us; 15.-Wise people; 16.-A church that seeks God; 17.-Disciples; 18.-Constant in prayer; 19.-An army with banners; 20.-Your Way; 21.-Your Thoughts; 22.-Your Place; 23.-Your Plans; 24.-Your Relationships; 25.-Your Devotion; 26.-Your Joy; 27.-Know the future; 28.-The King will return; 29.-God’s time; 30.-A hidden prophesy; 31.-A sign for the church; 32.-The rapture of the church; 33.-The time of our visitation; 34.-Heaven vs. Hell; 35.-The hour of His judgment; 36.-Worthy Is The Lamb; 37.-Signs of the End; 38.-I also will keep you; 39.-Live the adventure of Faith; 40.-Trust in His powerful Word; 41.-Manage the burdens of life; 42.-He is The One that gives us the victory; 43.-Recovering the sixth sense; 44.-Tell Him everything; 45.-Resolving internal conflict; 46.-The reason for difficulties; 47.-When the brook dries up; 48.-Don’t let go of the Lord; 49.-A new vessel; 50.-In the middle of a crisis; 51.-A broken vessel; 52.-Spoils of war.
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